Marine Conservation Internship in Spain

The internship program at Innoceana Tenerife is one of the best ways to participate in marine conservation, research, protection, and restoration projects.

Interns play an integral role of our program. We have hosted dozens of interns over the last three years, and believe that each person brings something valuable to our team.

Throughout this program, you will not only receive training and plenty of hands-on practice in diving and conservation techniques, but you will also contribute to leading and involving new students in our activities.

Marine Conservation Program Intern and Research Assistant.

  •  Location: Tenerife, Spain.

  •  Stipend: Unpaid (School credit, thesis assistance, work experience, and other opportunities are available)

  • Dates (every year):
    • Feb 15th – Apr 15th
    • Apr 15th – Jun 15th
    • Jun 15th – Agu 15th
    • Agu 15th – Oct 15th
    • Oct 15th – Dic 15th

  • Time Frame:  2 months.

  • Internship Hours:  9 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday)

  • Internship Supervisor:  Berta Felipe Benavides, Managing Director Innoceana Spain.

  • Mentor:  Sophie Jehin, Head of participation Tenerife.

This intern position is open to applicants who have a suitable academic background in science or technology and possess the ability to develop their own project in alignment with the goals of a larger organization.

  • Hold at least an Open Water Diver certification before or at the start of your internship.

  • 18 years old minimum.

  • Owning your own dive computer and dive knife.

  • Personal dive insurance.

  • Display proficient written and verbal skills in English.

  • Bring your own laptop for work and data entry.
  • Onsite mentorship from professionals in marine biology, engineering, marketing, conservation & diving.

  • Weekly meetings with your mentor to assess and provide feedback on project direction.

  • Training on safe conservation diving practices and monitoring methods.

  • Dive equipment.

  • 2 guaranteed dives a week with a dive professional (Divemaster/Instructor)

  •  Accommodations including kitchen facilities and high speed wifi.

  • Basic food (vegetarian)

  • 1 Innoceana t-shirt or tank top.

  • An inspiring and fun working environment of local and international conservationists, volunteers and scientists.

  • Letter of recommendation, reference for CV, etc. at the end of the internship
  • The monthly fee for our internship program is 699€.

*This cost does not include flights and insurance.

  • What is the internship schedule like?

During 2 months you will be able to participate in all the projects that Innoceana carries out in Tenerife and gain experience in the marine conservation sector. Our time schedule is from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Then you have all the free time to do your own activities, including weekends.

Interns can expect to be challenged, mentored, and inspired, working with a dynamic team that is dedicated to helping them find their focus.

Innoceana offers interns a structured learning environment as well as the opportunity to contribute on a professional level to a thriving, world-class non-profit.

  • What project can I expect to work on?

We highly recommend browsing through the website to get familiar with our ongoing research. Projects priorities and needs can change very quickly. The assigned work will then very much depend on the Innocena’s current priorities and, of course, on your skills as well.

Some of the projects in which you would be able to participate are: seagrass monitoring, virtual reality, water quality studies, educational workshops, turtle identification, underwater cleanups, etc.

  •  Are we required to stay at Innoceana’s facility?

Interns are required to stay at the facility for logistical reasons. In addition, the area where the center is located is very touristy and the apartments are very expensive.

  • Where the conservation center is located?

The center is located in Piedra Hincada, a 30 minute walk from the nearest town on the coast, Playa San Juan.

  • What is transportation like around the Marine Center?

For all Innoceana activities, we have a van as a means of transportation. For all other personal activities, public transportation is available.

  • How do I pay for my internship?

You will be required to pay the first month in advance in order to reserve your space in the team. For the second, you will be able to pay once you are here.


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