Conservation diving is not recreational diving. You will learn to dive differently, with greater independence, gaining a better understanding of your surroundings and assisting in the collection of essential data for research. Filled with theory classes, underwater surveys, a total of 10 dives, 1 day of reforestation with an indigenous community, and many more surprises, this week will be beautifully intense. It has the potential to change your life and your perspective on the ocean.

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SINGLE DAY EXPERIENCES (in collaboration with SCP Corcovado)

You only have a day or two? Then our single-day experiences are perfect for you! Join us on any of our experiences and explore the beautiful Osa Peninsula with a purpose. You will participate in marine conservation for a day, contribute to our research projects, and gain a deeper understanding of the underwater world and its preservation.

Don't settle for being a mere tourist; become a citizen scientist!

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Do you want to learn how to dive? Are you interested in marine conservation? Are you already a certified diver but would like to improve your skills? Come and take our Costa Rica Diving Courses! Learning to dive with Innoceana means gaining knowledge about marine conservation: Which marine species are threatened? Why are our oceans slowly dying? How can I help protect them? These are all questions you will be able to answer after becoming PADI Certified with us! With Innoceana, you will dive with a purpose and become a citizen scientist who learns diverse subjects such as water quality analysis, the importance of coral, and marine invertebrate theory.

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The internship program at Innoceana Ojochal is one of the best ways to participate in marine conservation, research, protection, and restoration projects.

Interns play an integral role in our program. We have hosted dozens of interns over the past three years and believe that each individual brings something valuable to our team.

Throughout this program, you will not only receive training and ample hands-on practice in diving and conservation techniques, but you will also contribute to leading and involving new students in our activities.