BEYOND THE BLUE: UNESCO Ocean Decade Conference Satellite Events

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Many ocean nonprofit organizations, activists, politicians, and researchers contribute significantly to pressing marine issues and conservation efforts, yet they are often disconnected from high-level discussions and each other. This three-part event aims to bridge these gaps through collaboration and celebration.

Come join us for our events:

A captivating photo gallery showcasing the ocean’s beauty and urgency.

Panel discussion about marine conservation challenges and the role of the young generations, followed by a reception to deepen connections and solutions.

A beach cleanup in a festive atmosphere filled with music and unity. 



Immerse yourself in a captivating journey through “THE OCEAN THROUGH LENSES.” Curated in collaboration with Innoceana and the Bimini Shark Lab, and supported by the Ocean Mokum Foundation, this exhibit showcases the beauty of ocean creatures and the peril of their habitats while highlighting the interconnectedness of community and conservation. Join us in this inclusive setting, where you will be inspired to take action and protect our marine ecosystems for future generations.

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A panel discussion with experts from the academia, public and private sectors, and young activists at Innoceana’s ‘REAL PEOPLE, REAL TALKS.’ We’ll dive into pressing marine conservation challenges and brainstorm innovative strategies to safeguard the ocean’s future. We will close the event with a party to the beats of a DJ. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights, forge connections, and contribute to a sustainable future for our planet’s most vital resource! With the support of the Ocean Mokum

Organizations Presentation

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Carlos Mallo

CEO - Innoceana
Marine Conservationist

Carlos Mallo Molina, a passionate Spanish entrepreneur and conservationist, is renowned for his tireless dedication to ocean protection. Born in Madrid in 1988, his summers in Galicia nurtured a deep love for the marine world through snorkeling and exploration, igniting his leadership in marine conservation.


Despite studying engineering in Madrid, his affinity for the sea led him to pursue projects aligned with his passion, from construction in Tenerife to innovative ventures in Birmingham, England. Drawn by the ocean’s allure, he immersed himself in marine conservation in Thailand, founding Innoceana in 2017 to preserve marine biodiversity. Through plastic reduction campaigns and educational initiatives, Carlos advocates for sustainable ocean practices, envisioning a pollution-free ocean. His legacy inspires future generations, embodying the dedication of an entrepreneur, engineer, and advocate for marine conservation.

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Tea Zegarac

Ocean Mokum Foundation - Founder
Ocean Conservationist & Philanthropist

Tea Zegarac is a molecular geneticist with a passion for science and exploration. Tea is also the president and founder of The Ocean Mokum Foundation, a philanthropic organization that works to promote meaningful collaboration, education, and exploration of our oceans and the marine life within.


The name ‘Mokum’ means “safe haven” in Hebrew, and Tea is passionate about making our oceans a safe haven for marine life and human exploration. She is an avid learner, and takes every opportunity to be involved with the projects Ocean Mokum supports.

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Chelle Blais

Creative Director - Bimini Shark Lab
Shark Conservationist & Photographer

Chelle grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada. After years of traveling and working in the dive industry as a dive instructor, Chelle’s interest shifted from teaching diving to learning more about her favorite thing – Sharks!


Her first shark research & conservation experience was completing an internship program in South Africa, and a few years later, Chelle joined Lab as the Media Manager. Now happily settled in Bimini full-time with Matt and Matthew, Chelle is busy creating new media projects, designing and maintaining the Shark Lab website, developing fundraising initiatives and assisting in all aspects of research activities.

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Matt Smukal

President & CEO - Bimini Shark Lab
Shark Conservationist

Matt grew up in Orlando, Florida, with a keen interest in marine biology and obtained his Master’s Degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Science from the University of Florida. 


He spent several years working with salmon in Alaska, and during breaks from the Alaskan winter, Matt volunteered at the Shark Lab. This began in 2012, and he returned several times to volunteer over the next few years. In 2015, Matt started his PhD research in Bimini through the University of Alaska, and in 2018 finished his PhD classes and exams. Upon hearing of the completion of exams, Doc Gruber immediately declared his retirement and passed the torch onto Matt!


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Inga Thordar

Ocean Born Foundation CERO
Media Relations Expert

Inga Thordar is the Chief External Relations Officer for the Ocean Born Foundation, where she works across all its areas of business. She is the former Executive Editor of CNN Digital Worldwide where she won numerous awards for her work in journalism.


She oversaw all international news, sports, and programming teams based in London, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Lagos and NY. She was the key advocate for creating a global climate team and increased coverage of the climate crisis, which she believes is critically under-covered. Before CNN, she was a Senior Editor at the BBC responsible for editing the BBC News website. She is an experienced moderator and speaker, having led panels on various topics at global conferences for the last decade.


Party With a Purpose

Join us for the conclusion of the UNESCO Ocean Decade Conference by participating in our ‘PARTY WITH A PURPOSE’ beach clean-up at Barceloneta Beach, hosted by Innoceana and Together Living Blue! After doing our part for the marine environment, we will celebrate our commitments to ocean conservation and protection with a Party With a Purpose. Come unwind and connect with ocean-passionate people in a festive atmosphere filled with music, unity, and powerful intentions to protect what we love. 

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