Everything You Need to Know About Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

If you’re looking to dive in Costa Rica, you may want to head to the Southern Pacific Zone. Diving in Uvita is one of the best ideas for anyone willing to enjoy to the fullest what the region has to offer. Innoceana’s  Center is located in Ojochal, just 16 minutes south of Uvita. Our scuba diving lessons and expeditions are fully focused on marine conservation.

Attaching a greater purpose to your passion is a great idea. Therefore, if your dream is to learn how to scuba dive in Costa Rica, you can choose an organization that gives back to the ocean and the community in many aspects. Our marine conservation activities help us fund our many projects, in research, education and restoration projects.

Scuba Diving in Caño Island

Isla del Caño or Caño Island  is one the most beautiful sites for diving and snorkeling in Costa Rica. The island and its surrounding marine area of 52.01km2 have been established as a Biological Reserve, with a permanent ranger center on land. This level of protection helps marine fauna and flora thrive. Therefore, many divers think of this underwater site as the best place for diving in Costa Rica.

Isla del Caño is easily reached from Bahía Uvita, Sierpe and Bahía Drake. If you decide to dive with us, we’ll embark from Sierpe  which is located 40 minutes south of Ojochal, where our center is located. This scenic road trip allows for unforgettable sightseeing, specifically while wandering around the Térraba-Sierpe wetlands, which is the largest mangrove system in Costa Rica. By the way, if you’d like to discover the these amazing mangroves, our Mangrove experience is a half-day activity fully devoted to this purpose.

Best Time to Dive in Costa Rica

Once you’ve made up your mind and have decided to engage in an experience with a marine conservation focus, you should choose the best time to dive in Costa Rica.  You should know that Costa Rica only has two seasons: rainy and dry. Rainy season usually progresses from May through till November (except for the Caribbean region, where climate differs from the rest of the country). Even though rain may discourage some people, we believe the rainy season it’s spectacular: nature is lush, wildlife is extremely happy and flowers are blooming. Also, rain usually occurs at one particular moment of the day. Mornings are often sunny, with a nice temperature, while afternoons may be heavy on rain.


If you’re out on the open sea with us, please take into consideration that our Mokarran boat is conveniently roofed to protect us from the rain.

Whale Watching in Osa

If your dream is to engage in whale sighting, the best dates for finding these amazing animals from the boat are from July to October. Though diving with whales isn’t permitted in Costa Rica, our Whale Monitoring experience will allow you to observe these cetaceans from a prudent distance on the boat. Innoceana Ojochal ’s MCEC offers an activity that differs from others by in many aspects: we take great care in respecting the whales’ personal space of the whales (to avoiding causing them any stress)., wWe use a hydrophone to listen to their mesmerizing chants, and we learn about them from a biologic persepective  standpoint and we use our drone to observe them from above. This full-day experience also includes lunch and snacks on the boat.

About the Region

Innoceana’s center in Ojochal is located in Costa Rica’s South Pacific zone. Just 30 minutes south of Dominical, our center offers the best Uvita scuba diving option. Our activities are all purposeful and provide memories that last forever. Join us and enjoy Caño Island, which is considered one of the best dive sites in the world. Spend some quality time with loved ones or solo while you help us restore the ocean’s e breathtaking qualities!

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