My name is Sylvain. I’m native to Madagascar; yet, I grew up in Belgium, where I spent a considerable part of my life. I’ve dedicated the last couple of years to traveling the world and diving several oceans. I come from  a management background, but I decided to swap my suit for a wetsuit when I got the opportunity to start my career in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef as an underwater photographer.

Macro photography, Sylvain Lambrechts

The real story on my passion for photography started actually 6 years ago in Asia where I lived for some years. There, solo travelling helped me discover myself and develop my photography skills on land (street photography, wildlife and culture).  Since I had already been working in the scuba diving industry for years, I decided I could merge photography and the underwater world with the aim of sharing the emotions I experience while diving, facing the beauty of oceans.

That’s when life has enlightened my path and brought me the opportunity to take part in a professional underwater training. I took the chance and after days of learning, I was absolutely hooked on marine photography. I was dreaming about learning more and more and telling story through my pictures. Since then I never left this world and kept learning and extending my skills towards new technics, new equipments and oceans.

Macro photography by Sylvain Lambrechts

After those years of adventure, I finally found home in the tropics and joined Innoceana and the MCEC, here in Costa Rica. It was for me a key moment because it was the accomplishment of a long journey to discover myself, the world and —last but not least— merging my 2 passions: diving and photography together.

This 7-day underwater photography and marine conservation expedition in September represents for me the possibility and excitement to teach and share my knowledge with like-minded people.

Wide angle photography by Sylvain Lambrechts