The crystal floor

Los corales están muriendo a un ritmo nunca antes visto y esto es debido, en gran medida, al cambio climático, monitorearlos usando tecnología de bajo coste a la vez que se genera un vínculo entre el ser humano y el coral es nuestra estrategia para cambiar la situación.

The metal sphere

For years it has been thought that this is a precolombinan sphere, looking at the welding joins it is obvious that is not the case.

The hemisphere

In the past, this colony probably looked like an hemisphere. Today, maybe due to currents and bleaching events also storms an “El Niño” Phenomenom, we only can see half of it.

Porites And Propella

This porites has some scarfs showing that a boat could sail over it

Porites Bleaching

Bleaching is a reaction of the coral colony against an external factor that is stressing the animal, the most common factor is the water temperature that is increasing due to climate change.

Porites Healthy

This is good example of some coral colonies of porites lobata that you can find still today around the stunning Caño Island

The Pavona Wall

Sometimes coral reef grows in the most incredible ways and patterns, this pavona decided to grow in a vertical wall creating this stunning structure.


This small beauty shows how aestetics and nature work together, small healthy coral colony sourrounded by an area of dead coral reef.

Porites "Johanna"

Porites Colony half dead and half alive. More info? Ask the inno-team