Innovation for the oceans. Be part of the change. Welcome to Innoceana.

Innoceana is a non profit organization that travels around the world using innovation to help our threatened oceans.


Team efforts drive change. Innoceana believes that through a network of collaboration we can do more together than alone.

Modern day problems call for modern day solutions. Using innovation we can work towards making positive impact in our ever changing environment.

Innoceana believes in the conservation and protection of the biodiversity and nature that makes our planet so unique.

Innoceana is a team of engineers and environmental experts, we believe that by combining these two words, environmental engineering is a crucial tool for change.

Inspiring is a powerful motivator that begins with education and leads to action. Through education, we hope to inspire many to share a love for our marine world and a drive to protect it.

Environmental problems are a global issue, Innoceana undertakes international cooperation projects in places where biodiversity and ecosystem health is at risk.



Innoceana’s president, Carlos Mallo, had spent 150 hours under the sea diving in the Gulf of Thailand when he decided to change his life to dedicate his work to ocean rehabilitation.

Carlos traveled to Koh Tao to work with New Heaven Reef Conservation Program where, to date, he has started several projects and completed his Conservation Instructor training. Koh Tao is the birthplace of Innoceana, where the organization has grown in both spirit and size.



Many countries around the world want to put an end to single-use plastics. Costa Rica is a good example were many organization are putting efforts togther to achieve that target. Innoceana is joining forces with many organizations providing the “know how” from the team’s experience. Together, we hope to do our part to carry on the country’s slogan, “Pura Vida.


Many initiatives wants to put an end to single-use plastics. This fall, the campaign bring its efforts to Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park. Innoceana will join forces with several organizations and provide the “know how” from the team’s experience in Koh Tao to understand the impact of plastics and Climate Change in the Ocean. Together, we hope to do our part to carry on the country’s slogan, “Pura Vida.


In collaboration with Carbono3, Innoceana is actively searching for the possibility to construct an artificial reef in Puerto Rico. Suffering severe damage from 2017 hurricanes Irma and Maria, Puerto Rico and its neighboring islands lost up to 90% percent of coral in some areas. Through innovation proposals and the involvement of local staff and associations, Carbano3 is making working towards developing a foundation of conservation and to rehabilitate this area of the Caribbean.